• Commentary: Fooled by the Spy in Wyoming

    By Dean Ferguson

    Call me, Arthur — Arthur Brown. That’s my top-secret spy name...

  • Idler’s Rest goes to the dogs Sunday with canine activity day

    Dogs and their owners can participate in a variety of events from 2-4 p.m. Sunday, May 22, at Idler's Rest Nature Preserve near Moscow...

  • Winner’s Kitchen: Out-of-this-world eggplant Parm

    You might not know you’re a fan until you try this recipe

    By Madison Winn

    “Star Wars” is known by billions throughout the world, a collection of stories so beloved and debated that even if someone hasn’t seen the movies — and yes, those people exist — they can still probably recognize Yoda. I was one of those people who had not seen or wanted anything to do with “Star Wars.” During the pandemic, I found myself exploring new media and literature...

  • Stream On Demand

    What's new for home viewing on Video on Demand and Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services.

    By Sean Axmaker

    Top streams for the week Sandra Bullock is a bestselling author of romantic adventures who gets kidnapped by a megalomaniac millionaire treasure hunter (Daniel Radcliffe) in "The Lost City" (2022, PG-13) and Channing Tatum plays the dim but sweet cover model who rushes to her rescue...

  • The Scottish connection

    Vandal tartans coming to Moscow

    By Kaylee Brewster

    The Palouse hills might start looking more like the Scottish Highlands now that the University of Idaho has an official tartan. The Vandal tartan features the university’s colors, with gold, black, gray and white in a bright plaid...

  • Mixology Report: Drink your dessert

    Key Lime Pie Mojito is a springtime bestseller at Pullman’s Birch & Barley

    By Josh Babcock

    It looks like milk on ice. Then it hits your lips, and it is anything but the bland 2% traditionally poured on cereal...