• Succeeding on Psychiana

    New biography charts the rise and fall of founder of Moscow religion

    By Jennifer K. Bauer

    Moscow’s Frank B. Robinson told his followers that the name for his religion came to him in a dream. In the dream, he stood at the door to a room that was painted black...

  • Native plant sale features flora of the Palouse

    By Jennifer K. Bauer

    If more plants have died in your yard than thrived, maybe it’s because they never belonged there in the first place. Native plants evolved along with the region’s terrain over eons...

  • Stream on demand

    Week of May 13

    By Sean Axmaker

    "The Underground Railroad" (2021, TV-14), based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Colson Whitehead, follows the odyssey of Cora (Thuso Mbedu), an enslaved woman on a Georgia plantation in the early 1800s who flees for freedom in the North. Whitehead's novel offers a twist of alternate reality—a literal railroad runs through secret tunnels—but otherwise tackles the reality of the brutal lives and the humanity of those trapped in it, and Oscar-winning filmmaker Barry Jenkins ("Moonlight") honors the poetry and the brutality of the novel in the ten-episode limited series...

  • Out of My Mindfulness

    Reassuring Your Little Worrier

    By Kristine Petterson

    Commentary This past year has caused some spikes on the worry-o-meter for most of us, including kids...

  • On the cover

    By Annabelle Ady

    “Through the Glass Ceiling” is a tissue paper collage by Moscow artist Katherine “Kat” Clancy. “I wanted to capture the joy and power that women are gaining as we continue to fight for equality in the workplace,” said Clancy, 71...

  • Stream on demand

    Week of May 6

    By Sean Axmaker

    The TCM Classic Film Festival takes place at home this year on both TCM and streaming on HBO Max. You can stream over 50 hosted features, dozens of short films, and scores of interviews, virtual events, and bonus featurettes from May 6-9...