• Cult Corner: Fired up for the Palouse Cult Film Revival

    By Will Thompson

    Modern cult depictions are as such: hollow-eyed acolytes living in misery at the service of a charming-yet-malicious huckster. One minute chatting with Palouse Cult Film Revival founder Eric Billings reveals anything but — as either cult member or leader...

  • Mixologist Report: Flavor infusion

    Sous vide adds punch to Lewiston man’s cocktail recipes

    By Mary Stone

    Editor’s note: The Mixologist Report started in November with a holiday-themed drink from Kris Maxey at Brock’s in Lewiston and continued last month with a sunny cocktail from John Leonardson of Pullman’s Etsi Bravo, to chase away the winter blues. Creations from bartenders at other north central Idaho and southeastern Washington establishments will be featured in coming issues of Inland 360, but this month, a departure...

  • Stream On Demand

    What's new for home viewing on Video on Demand and Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, and other streaming services.

    By Sean Axmaker

    Top streams for the week Julian Fellowes, creator of "Downtown Abbey," goes stateside for "The Gilded Age" (TV-14).

  • Big rewards

    Asotin woman finds joy in creating miniature scenes

    By Inland 360

    Editor’s note: The days are dark, the excitement of the holidays gone. The winter doldrums loom, but it also can be a time for introspection and creativity...

  • Schnitzer Museum announces indie folk exhibit

    By Inland 360

    A reception is set for Jan. 20 at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at Washington State University, which reopened this week for the spring semester with an exhibition titled "Indie Folk: New Art and Sounds from the Pacific Northwest.” The reception is from 4-6 p.m., with a tour by guest curator Melissa Feldman from 4:30-5 p.m...

  • Sample ‘Encanto’ fare with arepas recipe

    By Kaylee Brewster

    Editor’s note: During a recent podcast about the Disney movie “Encanto,” 360 contributor Kaylee Brewster mentions arepas, a food seen in the animated musical. Here, she shares a recipe she got from her brother when he lived in Venezuela...