• The morel of the story

    Successful mushroom hunting takes knowledge, common sense and a keen eye

    By Mary Stone

    You’re not alone if your social media feed is full of fungus this week, a virtual tour of friends’ morel hauls (holding strong after a weekend blitz of aurora borealis photos). I’ve been fortunate enough to join a generous and knowledgeable friend at one of her secret mushroom-hunting spots the past couple of years, and now spring isn’t complete without a frying pan full of morels...

  • Events Roundup: Arts abound

    Area options include artwalk, arts festival, gem auction and flamenco performance

    By Inland 360

    This week’s list, curated from the calendar, comprises an eclectic array of arts and culture opportunities. Fifteen locations are on the map for this month’s 3rd Thursday Artwalk, from 4-8 p.m. in Moscow, according to a city of Moscow news release...

  • Cult Corner: The curse of constant curation

    The drive for expert status fuels pop culture deep dives

    By Will Thompson

    Anyone who occasionally reads my column over the last four years has enough evidence as my psychiatrist to diagnose me with ADHD. I’m a hyperfixator, and I’ve come by my knowledge of pop culture naturally...

  • Movie review: All hail ‘Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes’

    By Katie Walsh

    Since Charlton Heston first gazed upon the remnants of the Statue of Liberty emerging from a sandy beach in horror, 56 years ago, the “Planet of the Apes” movies have been extremely popular with moviegoing audiences. The appeal of these earnest, big-budget spectacle movies is the opportunity to explore complex characters, power dynamics and wrestle with social issues within the franchise’s allegorical representation of our world...

  • The Stream: Bridgerton’s back, baby!

    By Associated Press

    Billie Eilish’s third studio album, “Hit Me Hard and Soft” and the return of “Bridgerton” are some of the new television, movies, music and games headed to a device near you. Also among the streaming offerings worth your time as selected by The Associated Press’ entertainment journalists: Zayn Malik releases a new album, and Cord Jefferson’s Oscar-winning “American Fiction” lands on Prime Video...

  • Mother’s Day a different way

    By Inland 360

    Roses, brunch, a greeting card — Mother’s Day celebrations have a tendency toward the unimaginative. What if Mom’s hoping for something a little less ordinary?