Every town, big or small, has its legends.

Legends can be about people, places or things. Often these stories are larger than life and beyond the boundaries of everyday reality. They are powerful enough to stick around generation after generation and, as time passes, the lines between fact and fiction can blur.

In the spirit of telling stories around the campfire, Inland 360 would like to share some of the region’s legends this summer. We are asking for readers' help. Do you know a local legend that is worth sharing? If so, please email or write us a letter with the details. We may publish your account or investigate it further for a story.

Here are some guidelines for sharing information:

  • Please be as specific as you can about locations, names, dates, sources and other details, if they apply to your story.

  • Include your name, city of residence, email address and phone number in case we need to contact you for more information.

Emails can be sent to editor(at)inland360.com. Mail can be sent to Jennifer Bauer, Inland 360, P.O. Box 957, Lewiston, ID 83501. The deadline for submissions is 5 p.m. June 25.

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