Summer is the season when, if you aren’t wearing the amount of makeup people are used to seeing on you, you’re called “fresh-faced” instead of “tired.” If it were up to me, I’d extend this magical phenomenon to autumn, winter and spring. But alas, very little is up to me, so I’ll take what I can get. If that means an easier makeup routine (why I started wearing makeup in the first place is a mystery to me -- oh yeah, six kids) I’ll take it.

First and foremost, do not ever forget sunscreen. This is for the obvious reason of avoiding skin cancer, of course (and for the love of yourself, stay away from tanning beds -- public service announcement over). Protected skin is beautiful skin. You’ll get fewer spots, fewer wrinkles and you’ll feel and look great until you’re old. This isn’t hard at all since many foundations and moisturizers are made with sunscreen. Numerous options are available at drugstores or, if you’re a sucker like me, go online to check out what Sephora has to offer. I’m also a fan of Smashbox and Nars, which offer tinted moisturizers that are llighter so you don’t feel like you’re wearing a full, cakey face -- that’s the worst when you’re hot and sweaty. Replenish sunscreen throughout the day. A really awesome powder from Colorscience can be swiped on throughout the day, over makeup. If I don’t have the powder, I spray Supergoop sunscreen on my face. Both can be found at Sephora. Don’t forget your lips, either. Fresh is a great brand for tinted lip color (very light) with sun protection factor (SPF).

Since sunscreen means you won’t be getting the effects of sun on your face, use a little bronzer to get that sun-kissed look. I’ve tried so many bronzers it’s embarrassing. But I’ve learned through my research, that many drugstore brands are just as good as the $40 ‘big brands.’ You don’t need a lot -- just a brush of it, and you’ll be golden. Literally.

Glossier has a tinted cream for cheeks that I want to try so badly, I just haven’t pressed that “checkout” button yet. It comes in a little paint tube and it’s just the slightest hint of color that is exactly what you might want for a summer look. There are four shades, and each are buildable -- you can get a more dramatic look by applying more. They are $18 each and they may be worth it, based on the YouTube videos I’ve watched. Yep, life of Ruthie.

If you feel like you need mascara (no one really needs mascara), find a great waterproof variety. I am in love with Blinc brand. It’s water resistant, and get this: It doesn’t smudge even a tiny bit. This mascara creates little tubes around each lash, so if your eyes get wet, it slips off easily and mess-free. Also available at Sephora or

There it is, folks. Don’t overdo it. Embrace your fresh face and don’t put on more layers in horribly hot weather than you need to. You wanna be able to take a dip in the pool or river and not worry about your makeup, right?

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